Jackie Siver, PA-C

As more families make Brazoria County home during an unprecedented industrial boom, they bring with them the need for high-quality medical care.  Primary Care Associates of Lake Jackson is here to meet that need.

We are accepting new patients who may have moved to our expanding community or have lost their insurance coverage with their existing primary care physician," say Jackie Siver, PA with Primary Care Associates of Lake Jackson.  Jackie is a medical provider licensed to diagnose and treat illness and disease and prescribe medication, in collaboration with a medical doctor.  There are many advantages to having a liaison along with your physician.  One being that you receive the care and attention of both as needed.

Primary care is often the first contact for a patient with an undiagnosed medical concern as well as continuing care of diagnosed medical conditions.  "I work closely with my patients.  I assess their health as we discuss their concerns and perform a physical exam. The steps that follow may be performing therapeutic procedures,  prescribing medication, instructing and counseling patients and family, and providing continuity of care by developing patient management plans," she says.

Jackie is personable and knowledgeable, bringing to Brazoria County 20 years of experience and training as a physician assistant.  Family is what brought her here and she loves the area.

"I love the weather, I love Brazoria County," Jackie says.  "Everything you need is right here."  The cities are clean, well-kept and not too big, she adds.

Jackie has been working in the health care field since she became a registered nurse.  Once an RN, she attended her first two years at the South Dakota School of Medicine, taking the same classes and learning right alongside the medical students.  She has worked as a PA in Port Lavaca and Paris, Texas, as well as St. Thomas in the US Virgin Islands.

Jackie Siver cares for the needs of patients from writing prescriptions to performing physicals for school, work and wellness.  She especially enjoys working with women to ensure they maintain their well-woman exams.

"I know I'm where I should be, doing what I was put here to do with the right people around me," Jackie said as she hurried down the hall.  You can't help but notice the pep of her step in her colorful tennis shoes and sincere focus on her next patient.

Story by Karen Nace and Photo by Jesse Miller, Jr.